Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

As a single parent with teenager, trying to swing a coup in philosophy in the background, I don't get around to daily chores as much as I should. Today, I'm getting some help, plus Dr. Nick's room (Carol's office) is off limits, so one less to mess with.

Nick and I joined a small group of theater professionals at Hawthorne Cafe this morning, to discuss Quaker futurism, and inclusion of Fuller in The Warp by Neil Oram, at one time in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest play (about 21 hours).

Like my "philosophy coup" involves getting more recognition for Richard Stallman as a great ethicist of our time, someone to read for academic credit. How would you even think about having a law degree without some mastery of the GNU GPL for example?

Whereas many high tech businesses have capitalized on FOSS, there's not much walking the talk in Ivory Tower circles (yet). The "lore" isn't shared, partly because so doing would mean hooking Fuller's "design science revolution" to what's been happening of late, and that just "feeds the world domination fantasies of fringe elements", the so-called "Grunch" in Fuller's twisted 1983 telling (highly prescient).

Anyway, much as I'd like to just sit here and write some more, I need to get back to my home & garden. The Tibetan prayer flags blew down in a windstorm and require proper retirement (burning in the fireplace) but I'm running low on incense, today's economy being what it is (run by slumdog millionaires mostly).

Having sponsored OCN from meager earnings in the nonprofit sector, I'm now focusing on distribution of its esoteric content via CSN. The idea of philosophy streaming through coffee shops is not a new one, nor is the connection to "role playing" and theater. That's to my advantage, as when one jump starts a new business, one looks for well-worn and time-tested growth patterns, which in North America often involves franchising and clever branding.

Much as I'd like to attend the WQM Quaker Men's Group this year, I'm still on the fence about it, am treasuring my memories of our recent meet ups with Joe at GWYF 2008. Our next generation Quakers appear ready for action, although new levels of AVP training always await the earnest trainee. Quaker practice is "even better than Uru" in that way (alluding to a computer game I favor).