Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Morning Meeting

I had another productive planning meeting this morning, the upshot of which is my main office chair no longer has arms, as the padding was gone leaving dangerous hard edges. Sometimes it takes a visitor to point out these little details.

Throwing the I Ching in unicode is appropriate build-up to the summer olympics, finally starting to come over the horizon, after lots of preparation.

Portland bills itself as part of the Pacific Rim economy (not a new idea), has a venerable old town, complete with Chinese Gate and Garden. The Japanese Garden is back up in the hills, part of the Washington Park complex (including the old OMSI, now Childrens Museum). Tibet Spirit has recently moved to better digs, right on the main section of Hawthorne, nearer to Cat's Meow.

I've been taking Tinkerbell on my 20 mile loop some, though the I-205 bike path is all torn up again, owing to new track going in (light rail extension).

Tink is my alter ego of sorts, kind of heavy, like me. I'm planning to get a sleeker sportier model at some point, but only as an addition to my stable, not as a replacement. Pedaling Tink around town has definitely been good for me, and I thank her for that.

I filed both state and federal tax forms yesterday, the personal income stuff electronically, the partnership return by snailmail to Ogden, Utah. I still need to pay my Trimet tax.