Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wanderers 2009.3.11

We're live streaming today, Terry giving a thumbs up, signaling Jeff through an iPhone. Dr. Nick is here, regaling us with stories, of Greyhound. The spirit of Sunanda was invoked. Dr. DiNucci also walked in.

I showed in my Quaker futurist aka Chicago crime boss outfit, gown coat with "global matrix hat" aka the Paul Kaufman special. Sort of Abramoff meets Quaker oats guy. I removed these outer garments upon entry (noting dog hair on gown coat), have my industry standard Python fleece, DemocracyLab T-shirt, Lucky Brand jeans etc.

We're quite aware of the lag time, video and audio in sync (so not like lightning and thunder) but like 11 seconds after the fact (on our end). Here's Jim Buxton, our chainsaw repairman of Libyan eclipse fame.

I'm pleased our Advanced Training for Gnu Math Teachers is percolating outward from Wanderers to the Math Forum teachers. This is a good exchange of memes across cultures.

I'm branding our "arrowhead geometry" as Lakota these days (gringos slow to pick up), having attained a "yellow belt" in that medicine wheel practice (not super high), having been recruited by Dawn and √Člise (I dropped out at the drum-making level, having gotten what I came for).

Talk wanders to astronomical events, Dick Pugh's presentation, other topics. DiNucci kept donning sunglasses and a beret, to protect his identity when discussing "sensitive" topics. I discussed subliminal codes in pictures of Bob in the clear, open source pioneer that I be. Jeff developed a web site for Baby Laith that's helped a lot with the finances.

I'm looking forward to lunch with Uncle Bill Lightfoot (we went to Bagdad, then to Gold Door).