Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: Paulings on OPB (Wanderers List)

Thank you very much Lynn.

It is my fond hope to be able to share that with family members. We don't subscribe to television services at this time.

I saw it myself on a big bright HDTV and thought it was well crafted and packed with interesting facts.

They did a good job recreating the chem lab in the basement.

So that was a rooming house run by his mother then? I could see where having all those rooms would come in useful.

The show emphasized the importance of diet and nutrition in some of his own chapters, helped us see why orthomolecular medicine would be a lifelong focus.

But then we all have a body (yeah I know I know, speak for myself), so the real question is why aren't we *all* more into it like he was?

He comes off like the smart guy in the room, that's for sure, with a partner who recognized his talent (and vice versa).

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I have taped it on a DVD for those of you who missed it.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Gathering for Bill

:: celebrating bill sheppard ::

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yakking on Facebook

I was anticipating Donald Trump's withdrawal from the race shortly before I caught up with the story.

His reasons were different of course, but I think siding with the "birthers" against the first native son of Hawaii to become president, just reminded everyone of the tricky sick stuff people do around legal documents.

If you've been on the receiving end, you know how they show up with a "title" to your ancestral lands, and "prove" that it's theirs. This used to be called the Doctrine of Discovery, though of course it's nothing more than naked imperial aggression, as practiced by any number of empires, including the Vatican's, with its Emperor-Popes.

I can see where politicos are on the defensive these days, about holding on to Hawaii. North Americans of Anglo-European heritage have no natural right to these islands and their dissing of a native son president by seditious Lower48 low life just reinforces that obvious fact. "Why submit to such obvious inferiors?" There's no good answer to that question.

However, rather than simply drop out of the union, I think calling any income from Feds "reparations" on the books (in the history books) will go a long way towards leveling the playing field. Empires finally paying their bills looks like an end to their vicious tyranny. Lets get on with the reckoning.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Philosophy Talk

I've repaired to TaborSpace for the weekly Wittgenstein Study Circle.

Some may think I'm a naughty geek for embracing some brands of quasi-nonsense as pertinent to philosophers. Many had hoped to be free of nonsense, meaning say Heidegger, thanks to logical positivism.

Wittgenstein was to be one of their heroes when, Krishnamurti-like, he turned his back on his following, or at least dispelled notions of his being heir to some crown of the crowd pleasers. He had too much integrity for that.

Aris kindly lent me Sex At Dawn, borrowed through Satya and making the rounds among Portlandia's cogniscenti. I've been writing a lot about anthropology and ethnography lately, ever since our previous meetup, where one of our guests was an anthropologist (this was prior to Dr. Sonnenfeld & son), and on through the C3 event at Reed, which has continued to have repercussions.

Wanderers happened this morning and a lot of it was animist talk, music to my ears in some ways. Trisha spoke of her hummingbird problem, while I regaled people with stories of rats.

On Monday night, Tara and I were pleased to show up at the Bolton residence on invitation from Maureen, to celebrate Dr. Charles Bolton's 90th birthday. Actually, his birthday isn't until December, but this was an opportunity to get together with Erin again. Erin is the son of Maureen and a talented architect, Harold Long. This is a family I've watched evolve since returning to Portland in 1985.

Erin spends a lot of time teaching scuba, putting students at their ease in some of the still destination worthy parts of western Thailand. We shared lore about that part of the world quite a bit, extending into stories about Burma, where some of us had been. We had to leave early because Tara is studying a lot and I have a full plate of work.

Anyway, I've been a naughty geek in not seeing this brave new cyberspace as somehow by default a product of analytic philosophy. Some of their champions take too much for granted I'm thinking, and convey that sense in some of my posting.

Now I'm attending a webinar, organized by Maria Droujkova and hosted by Gizem Karaali (Pomona College) and Mark Huber (Claremont McKenna College). I'm wearing my hat as an OST curriculum writer these days. I was showing Alex the ASCII art version of the Mandelbrot Set we've developed, a pedagogical device taking advantage of Python's expressiveness.