Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seminar Logistics

In the high budget version, we'd field test a bizmo, complete with camera crew, FOSS boss CTO joining from LA to manage A/V feeds for later distilling. I'm not a live streaming buff, even though we've tried that from Pauling House, prefer a cut and paste approach, though I've done sustained audio underneath. Anyway, every director has a characteristic style (yawn).

However, we had few illusions going in, what with Wall Street teetering and reeling, that anyone'd be in the mood for extravagant storyboards of this nature, so, in keeping with the times, we're being very shoestringy, photocopying everything double-sided, still throwing dots at a map of O'Hare, looking for a good landing zone. Our tripods need their parking spaces (joke).

My Part I was videotaped at last year's Pycon and Ian had me the digital uptake within hours, the whole time yakking Caleb Gattegno, other arcana, getting me up to speed on the AlgebraFirst commitments to the 4-14 age bracket. My curriculum, more geometric (geographic) kicks in more at 15, sort of grades 10-16 (includes college), except compressed, as we on-ramp to college early (per the Thunderbird Early College Charter concept, also LEP High's).

Part II runs longer, giving other Python teachers more time for interpolation (my model). Then I have other duties before driving back to Portland, or maybe going by train?