Friday, January 28, 2022



I remarked to the TrimTabbers recently, that when I joined, and began surveying the Synergetics literature, I was surprised to find how much the Russians had embraced the Hermann Haken work by that title, while ignoring the all American classic, Bucky Fuller's.

Since that time, I've been doing my part to counter all the confusion occasioned, not only by conflating two very different operational domains, but by the issue of name collisions more generally.  In Python, we know the solution to be namespaces, and that usage has caught on.  

We even have dot notation in our formal (as in machine executable) logic, so we can say Coxeter.4d and understand this refers to extended Euclideanism, whereas Einstein.4d refers to (3d + time), relating to how time/size is rolled into one energy ball in the contemporary physics namespace.  Fuller.4d is yet something else again, having something to do with the simplex, if I may flex my American vocabulary.

In the namespace of Wikipedia, we speak of disambiguation. Vestigial drafts of the page in question may suggest a time when Fuller and Haken philosophies might have been conflated to a single entry. Fortunately, bifurcation happened and the Fuller and Haken works by the same title got separate treatment. That allowed Fuller's to get a direct link from Tetrahedron, tying together memes that need to be emphasized to keep our story coherent.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Happy New Year 2021 - 2022: School of Tomorrow

My video coincides with a writing blitz, ostensibly in response to Curt's call for content, given a new BFI website going in. I'd started with the opening paragraphs a couple weeks ago, and the piece had mushroomed on Github ever since.

Yes, this is a time of family gatherings and/or family consciously choosing to play it safe in our second year of covid, when variants name delta and omicron were all the buzz.  

However our family has established a pattern of scholarship and learning around Christmas, as you'll find if you consult these blogs going back.  Our default gift giving gathering had become Laurie's Hanukah party.  However these rituals were all disrupted.

The TrimTab Book Club is Curt's project.  I didn't learn of it right away and was invited to join around the time Princeton's architecture program was a main focus, number twelve on CJ's reading list for last year: R. Buckminster Fuller: pattern-thinking by Daniel López-Pérez (Spain, 2020). Bucky had taught at Princeton that time. This time a core focus with the Geoscope, as an idea.

I'm thinking in terms of movie-making in my year end video, by contrasting possibilities for the future as I would movies we might want to make, or see made.  

Some resource hogs are hell bent on continuing to waste.  

My editorial sense tells me we can't spare the time on such pointless detours.  Any wars between Russia and Ukraine for example, have to come across as both avoidable and pointless.  My brand of cold warrior is about keeping it too cold for the hot heads to get their favored fireworks going.  Meaningless fevered dreams needn't gain traction, praise Allah.