Saturday, March 21, 2009


We're celebrating the Equinox this weekend, our 17th Wanderers retreat.

Last night Wanderers sampled some YouTubes (quite a few comedians -- Farrell, Gaffigan, Tomlin, Gervais... Flip, Weird Al -- also human flyers), celebrated with wine, pie, chicken, cheese... pizza.

President Obama's appearance on the Jay Leno show was noted, as was Marc Andreesen's on Charlie Rose (Dr. Nick hitched ride with Marc recently, drives a biodiesel Mercedes (Nick, I got your mail order thing; Micheal, I still have a stack of your recent lit)).

Yay, Allen Taylor could joined us, asked me what's so great about Python, and what's my plan for world domination. Good discussion!

We sent an email and group photograph from all of us to Jon, got some updates on Bob.

Later, we conversed about Thomas Jefferson's long relationship with Sally Hemings (who was free in France), Utopian communities in Oregon, the desirability of ethnic diversity.

I spent much of my afternoon at Pacific University, celebrating gender equity projects.

Enjoying thinking of people I'm missing, missing yet. Fond greetings to staff, to Abigail, now back in New Jersey.

Some of our Wanderers attended this Thursday meeting for startup companies looking for investment capital. I didn't know about it until after the fact.

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