Friday, March 20, 2009

Congratulations Fred's

In philosophy classes, they're always going over the sailors' conundrum, something to think about those many months at sea: if we replace the mast in Oregon, the rigging in Manila, the fixtures in Thailand and so on, when does it become "a different ship" because like at some point, every piece is different. People worry about that with cells too, used to think at least neurons don't "hot swap", but now we know that they do.

Anyway, Fred Meyer's on 39th and Asylum (aka Hawthorne) is closing in on its "swap while they shop" hyperdimensional polytope puzzle, in terms of a solution. The final pieces are dropping into place, with only minor tizzies on the upper deck e.g. no chardonnay in the cooler, no tub version of Earth Balance, only stick. We get over it. Like, we're talking serious overhaul, with not a business day missed. Impressive.

Thinking back to the strike, I'm wondering if this explains it, Workers of America distrusting this bizarro 9-dimensional "critical path" in fractional hyperdimensions on steroids, all in your corner store (like Little Shop of Horrors). And it worked, after all that. What a nightmare (smile). Seriously, I'm impressed.