Sunday, March 15, 2009


:: hypertoon in VPython ::
Some brain researchers say we don't really multi-task, just divide our attention round robin, which is what a microchip does, unless duo core or whatever.

Freeing the scholar to return to her (or his) studies was like the subtitle of one of Fuller's earlier visionary works. The fall back or safety net is education or work-study, with various ladder, degree and/or certification systems taking you to various positions, some, as in the military, complete with room and board. The civilian sector is less privileged, especially if caught in the crossfire.

I've been downloading and compiling some newer Pythons, along with the latest Visual (VPython). I added our volume 7.5 rhombic triacontahedron to my hypertoons source code, a project started in the 1990s. Fuller's volume 5 triacontahedron has this weird radius that, if multiplied by the 3rd root of 1.5 to give a volume of 7.5 (volume increases as a 3rd power of linear scale), becomes simply phi over 2nd root of two, a rather pleasing result (see transition 31).

Yes, I'm still getting to the gym some. My personal trainer cracked the whip today, got me on a tread mill, even though I wanted to just surf within CSN (coffee shops) and mix it up with staff (I'm feeling gregarious I suppose). My company did a quick training at Fine Grind today, showing one nine year old Kiah how to work an XO, which she went home with.

Tara has been helping Alexia house sit at my therapist's, not barter or anything (we're strictly sliding scale). She was resourceful in borrowing an outfit for the Tiffany Center event.

I've got another gig coming up regarding the Math Wars, a continuation of the Cold War in some dimension in that Russian engineering in the form of Sputnik cued whiz kids to start thinking more like Bertrand Russell (who didn't understand the later Wittgenstein and said so, but then few did).

This metaphysical tsunami, so called New Math hit when I was a still small potato in Portland. Later, I'd learn about Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and Wff 'n Proof. Today's students have their own tsunamis to deal with, or maybe that's the wrong word as the connotations are so negative. I used to call it Katrina Math, owing to the strong home economics component, not just for girls and not just for children either.