Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Milestone

:: michael mcmenamin ::
cake caption: drinkin' & thinkin' for the good of mankind

I encountered a large turnout at Thirsters last night, and at first just stood listening as people compared notes. I butted in that this White House had set some records for weirdness, despite Clintons, citing the Jeff Gannon affair, a source of guffaws and good cheer. I was offered a chair at that point, across from an Irish therapist, and next to her French husband.

Then a German lady sat next to me and pumped me for information about what I was up to. I wisely stayed with high overview, lots of circus metaphors (which she got), instead of diving in to what was really concerning me: how to get xorg.conf working with not-free nVidia drivers, so I can both spin my Beryl cube of desktops and share this with an audience via some computer projector. Too solipsistic otherwise.

So anyway, it was this birthday party, for some institution I'm not sure which, either Thirsters or McMenamins probably. One of the McMenamin brothers cut the cake. Fred (on the right, above picture) gave us a wonderful toast, while Mike Hagmeier (across from me, to my left of the corner therapist, Matt later to his right) played his didj.

:: michael hagmeier ::

:: didj player & therapist ::