Monday, June 11, 2007

More Meetings

Two Wanderers forwarded the NYT story about Richard Rorty, a contemporary philosopher and very good teacher for me at Princeton. I learned much from the obit I'd never known about the guy, including about his being a birder and spying a Grand Canyon condor on one of these recent trips.

X3D continues as a thread in my meetings, along with Flickr and Python. The string.Template approach I took when generating Scene Description Language for POV-Ray could easily be adopted for outputting in this new flavor of XML (which still tastes a lot like VRML, and I'm not saying that's bad).

Regarding Flickr, I'm just saying here's a way to share slide shows, like they did in the burbs. Yes, the Internet presumes a degree of friendliness, seems for a world beyond reach on some days, but high ideals remind us to keep working, on becoming more pleasing in the eyes of the gods (star athletes, movie stars, you name it).

Also, I rejoined the monkey chatter on a lonely monkey island, soc.religion.quaker around now. I hope a brief enough visit. I've also rejoined Quaker-P, knocked on the door of Quaker-L.

Last night Laura Martin of Port Townsend filled me in on some Quaker history involving Ann Arbor Friends, from whence hailed the Bouldings, other meeting stallwarts. Dawn, Laura and I were at Gatherings of Young Friends together in Camp Myrtlewood days. Pan, Lisa, Lisa's brother, Ross... Anne Friend.

Laura was good friends with Multnomah Friends' Tina, and both are alums of Argenta Friends School in Canada. Laura is also familiar with Lake Sammamish, swam across it with a friend and a row boat that time.