Sunday, August 06, 2006

At the Base of The Steel

North Mississippi Avenue

That's where I thought Matt said to meet, The Steel being one of our 10-or-so bridges. But I guess he'd said Broadway. Anyway, we missed each other, but rendezvoused as planned, with Michael, coming our separate ways.

I had the caesar salad with blackened salmon and part way through noticed an iPod and ID sitting very exposed on the sidewalk table next to ours. I harangued the guys when they returned "like you'd never do that in London" but it turned out these were staff and this was more like a trap.

The place was swarming with undercover police (other staff), ready to pounce. I assured him I'd have pounced too, or at least kicked up a ruckus. Anyway, he pitied the hypothetical thief, given his eclectic tastes in music, which'd likely blow the thief's mind. Interesting theory.

We were all on our bicycles. I'd pedaled down from near Mt. Tabor, across the Hawthorne Bridge (mistake), then back across the Hawthorne, then down the east side esplanade to the Rose Quarter (shades of Chattanooga).

Later, in twilight, Matt and I biked through Rose Quarter again, after coffee and dessert with Michael at some Sopranos-style restaurant on Mississippi (comfortable, accordian going, top flight gelato).

By then, the loudspeakers were echoing through the complex, saying something about tickets, no doubt for some event (a many-bulbs sign mentioned Dixie Chicks, but I didn't know if it really meant tonight).

Michael in rattle snake shirt