Friday, February 02, 2007

My Groups (update)

I was gratified to see Duncan Richter including this blog in the list of Wittgenstein-related (below), even though it might not be philosophical enough for some tastes (wittgenstein-dialognet #6310).

I certainly manage to rub some readers the wrong way, as evidenced by this outburst on edupython, another group to which I'm subscribed.

Of course I'm quite capable of playing the arrogant bastard, so don't typically plead for mercy in the face of verbal assaults. Plus I do keep these on-line journals (blogs), for more private confessions of my sins.

Synergeo bubbles along nicely, thanks in part to David Chako's choosing to join us.

Philosophicalcoffeehouse also contains a stash of my posts.

RE: [wittgenstein-dialognet] Awfully Quiet out there

I recently found this Wittgenstein blog:

A couple of contributors to this list have blogs too: (I'm not sure whether this is philosophical enough to mention here, but some people will be interested in taking a look)

Duncan Richter

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Seems like everyone has forgotten the W list after the holidays.

This is the one list that has always been going strong.

So this is just a reminder that the list still exists for conversation on Wittgenstein's life and work.

Or has everyone shifted over to reading Blogs instead?

Are there any good Wittgensteinian Blogs out there?

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