Friday, February 09, 2007

Meeting on Hawthorne

bonnie & ken
I really enjoyed hangin' with Ken and Bonnie this afternoon, Ken being the farmer and sailor from Alberta, Canada who owns Synergeo (a Bucky eGroup I often cite in my blogs), and Bonnie, also from Alberta, being a teacher of science teachers (we talked about Karplus, among others).

We started with beers at The Bagdad (Bonnie had an RC), chatting about Tesla, whom Ken deeply respects, then moved on to Thai food at Thanh Thao near the Pauling House, with Tara joining us.

We talked a lot about cancer, family members who've died of it, survived it, and health care systems. Ken and Tara talked about Squeak and robotics. Ken, with a background in electrical engineering, is tracking the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) campaign, is eager to see eToys shared with the developing world's children. I yakked about Saturday Academy, TuxLabs, our summit in London, showed off hypertoons on my iPod. Bonnie talked about science education in New Zealand, the subject of a book she's recently reviewed.