Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jesus Camp (movie review)

This is a hopeful movie, as it shows how a subculture, galvanized by a credo, is free to assemble, build facilities, and seek to influence the machinery of government by democratic means, just as, by Declaration and Constitution, it's intended that they should.

These Pentacostals are living the American Dream, their version of it, and feeling themselves mirrored in their president, hallelujah.

The film itself zooms back however, to countering USA-based subcultures and their sour grapes radio, to Muslims, playing card games near the the Capitol, to a distant political contest in the world of Legal Affairs, wherein worthy judges were contesting a listing on the roster of Supreme Court justices of the peace. Here, we get to the boundary of this particular LensWorld, as the president's first choice, Harriet Miers, is never mentioned. To Britney Spears.

There's a strong myth in some circles that kids are hardwired by the end of high school, so anything you can do to get to 'em before then... But my experience of est, other "adults mostly" trainings in mindfulness schools, suggests otherwise. Young Levi, a star in this film (the main girl is strong too), will probably keep learning new trix long into his old doghood. God'll keep teaching him, just as Jesus'll keep lovin' his Friends.

Addendum: VIP Koski phoned in the middle of my viewing (easy to pause it), discussing his adventures with ZomeTool. Those miraculous little hubs are anchored in five-fold, but'll twist into a regular tetrahedron with work, not the golden cuboid with both body and face diagonals however -- something to discuss at our next summer camp perhaps.

golden cuboids: body diagonal, face diagonals
(models, photo by David Koski)