Thursday, February 15, 2007

Geek Lore

So I finally got around to cracking the covers of my new LinuxUser & Developer #68, purchased at the corner grocery store. It came with ubuntu 6.10 stuck to the cover, in a plastic case, on a DVD.

Inside: the USA spews credibility like there's no tomorrow as a sick and twisted Monsanto puppets it transparently, seeking to get starving Africans hooked on genetically modified seeds of death (sterile spawn), while, meanwhile, open source alternatives still exist, plus, thanks to IRRI, are healthier.

Well dang, so that GM hype (no, not the car company) is way out in front of the science, by like decades, still lags the old multi-millenial approach. Isn't that special? In the meantime, less cynical Euros mop up in the warm afterglow of USAID's incompetence (like FEMA, except for the rest of the world), developing everything that's trully useful anymore, like KDE4 (which I'm looking forward to using).

Also inside: yes, Blender is really hard to use, but we pro artists and organizers have magical powers and blended this famous open source HDTV movie called Elephants Dream, so eat your hearts out newbie losers or whomever you are who wish you could be us. Oh, and the sound track isn't all that open source -- had to cut corners there. Good article. Made me want to dabble in Blender again (it's really hard to use).

Per usual after reading such stellar propanganda (we geeks are good at what we do), I was ready to partition my drives, debug the kernel, and wallow in cyberloneliness (back page, Addicted to the Net) with cute geekettes like Rachel Probert (me and like 10K other losers (smile)).

Addendum: oh yeah, and I really admire that Freedom Toasters idea (page 61), kiosks for tanking up on free stuff, already in 16 cities in South Africa. My hat is off to whomever thought of that.