Monday, June 29, 2009

Brief Vacation

:: biosphere 2, photo by Pierre R. Schwob ::

Unlike a school teacher with summers off, I'm more into sporadic breaks, a sort of "cat nap" approach, though dogs nap as well. That means I don't have weekends off either, but I bet my rest intervals add up to a full sabbath, an argument overused with some taskmaster Rabbis no doubt.

For example, yesterday evening I got to recharge my batteries with a brief visit to Tomahawk Island. When Delphia (not her real name) puts in to Island Cafe, heads turn, as you don't see a 1940s Chris Craft in mint condition every day. No engine outages today either, just fun in the sun.

My understanding from the papers is they're just gonna talk about Georgia, nothing about Kyrgyzstan even on the agenda, unless to accelerate the closing experience (yesterday woulda been better but we can't all be professionals at the same time I guess).

I'm enthused by all the Turtle Art and advances in PDF generation, Python a capable driver in both cases, though Ron Resch hand wrote his in Postscript, fed it through Ghostscript I think it was. I've got one free sample, plus my workstations never had enough RAM for the full egg version, worthy of IMAX treatment.

We were surprised and sorry to lose Lou Geller to negative Universe, a befitting way of saying it given how active he was on Synergeo, the quintessential behaviorist, loyal to B.F. Skinner to his dying day.

As an American Transcendentalist, I can't help but embrace Walden Two as a kind of long lost brother (better than Biosphere2 in some ways). We keep trying to jump start these ecovillage experiments, as communes, as space camps, as kibbutzes. Lowering barriers to entry increases the likelihood of some worthy reality television.

Speaking of Synergeo, I've continued to defend my thesis versus the owner of Audrey2, my code name for one of my chief sparring partners, who also crusades against the monkey-tailed religulous, especially in the midwest (e.g. the incredibly credulous).

This afternoon I'm back in my corner office, outfitting Jackalope's temporary replacement with cygwin, thinking ahead to October. Derek and I are working on the PKL PDF collection, as well as trying to rescue > $100 of iTunes from Tara's virus-downed HD.

Just off the phone with Providence. More duties tomorrow.