Friday, June 12, 2009

Mortal Coil

There's a literary allusion here, as in "shuff off" (like a python does), but in this namespace (context) I'm actually talking about a piece of the ignition puzzle in a 1947 Chris-Craft, with a Chrysler engine. Some of them have their resistance internally but if you leave the key in the on position or make other mistakes, you might shorten the life of one of these through internal heating. Another version parks the resister outside, but hooking it up wrong might cost you your one chance at bat, and I was thankful to have even that many, admire the captain's readiness in having the spare puzzle pieces and a just long-enough anchor rope (fast current, just west of I-5 bridge). All I missed, as a grateful passenger, was the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, which I can get as a podcast (sometimes, if it's working).

Instead, being famished, I went straight to Fred Meyer's and did the sushi train for the first time, then I started browsing the products, which got the sushi chef (some guy with a knife) chasing after me, because I was supposed to walk it to the special register (but there's a queue) and not browse for more purchases. I could see his point and promptly paid, sneaking in next to the shopping cart guy, who was making a night of it, knocking over some pastries in the process (happens all the time she said -- "maybe some buy 'em out of guilt for knocking 'em down?" I wondered to myself).

Having notified base, I went straight then to the Quakers, for the Oversight Meeting. Betsey, our clerk, was up first, having been working all day at this sometimes thankless job. We had lots of membership business, which I've been diligent about. I tried to explain my branch practice to EF in terms of DVCSs but so much geekspeak doesn't always win me points with these liberals, not used to "fascist math" (I'm uncomfortable calling it that, prefer "supermarket math"). I also talked about the "Quaker guts" in Nancy Irving's office.

In any case, even though I'm not using "member" in my branch, I do my best to support NPYM's F&P as articulated in the operating manual (yes we have one, every meeting does).