Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice

Solar Powered

We celebrated the long evening yesterday by watching solar charged Japanese lanterns turn on by themselves once it got dark enough, or one could help them along, say with some shadow (a paper plate works).

The raccoon in the tree had done something evil, as signified by its burping noise, a lot of upset birds circling. I was not an eyewitness, took it in as veridical, even saw a picture or two.

Nor was I an eyewitness to the "Portland Massacre" -- not really a killing field but by Portland standards pretty rough, with a lot of PSU kids sent to the hospital, by baton-wielding police, like in a scene from Burma VJ.

This was during the Vietnam war era and local patriarchs were practicing playing the heavy, cracking down on war resisters. I heard this story at the party, between sips of chard. The storyteller dropped career plans in criminal justice after witnessing this event, as the corruption just seemed too deep in that area... no regrets.

We also talked about Manas. "It was evident that news about the final order from Washington to leave Manas came as a surprise to Kyrgyz observers" writes the Eurasia Daily Monitor (June 19).

Urners joined Multnomah Friends this morning, for worship and potluck, with Father's Day the main theme during unprogrammed worship. Given our internal calendar, we celebrated that event last week, so have today clear for solstice-related activities (like staying up late).

I've been thinking about fatherly archetypes a lot though (a Jungian thing?), writing to friends with our fathers in mind.

OK, time to photo-document the CarrotMob action @ Hotlips.