Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Machine World (ongoing)

Those of you tracking this little tempest in a teapot know we lost a bunch of computers, one after another. Tara's desktop, its many civilizations (Spores and Sims 2), mine (the Jackalope), and mom's (a flood -- disasters come in threes if you're superstitious).

The upshot is we'll imprison Tara's infected drive as a museum peripheral, gradually pick through the rubble, start fresh with something factory fresh (just talking about hard drive, mobo is OK). Jackalope died of natural causes, David found a hair ball so maybe that was it, definitely fried electronics (why Frys was well named). Mom's is in the hospital, awaiting a verdict. She'll fly off without it, run the AFSC on will power alone (joke, we share steering). Her voice is raspy, needs her rest. I'm advising her to knock off using Dawn's workstation and take a nap (actually, her idea).

I broke out the Chalk Hill this afternoon in celebration of Tara's starting to learn Python, using the Hello World! book by the Sandes (while I mowed the lawn). We had to use KTU3 as her "software sources" were borked in Gutsy Gibbon, upgrading to Hardy Heron as we speak (on her laptop). I did show her how to draw a tetrahedron right off, wanting to set some kind of world record ("from zero to sixty").

Meanwhile, I'm using Patrick's loaner, Jennifer 2, practicing world domination skills on a diminished scale perhaps, but still "winning the war" (as I mentioned to Goofy Sufi, in transit to our Go By Train building). I may lug this Toshiba Satellite to Wanderers tonight and try to capture some of the essence.