Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Forum Fragment

You may have seen a classification of sequences into:

(a) convergent
(b) divergent
(c) periodic / oscillating
(d) chaotic

We start using more ... (dot dot dot) with sums of terms, investigating whether we're approaching a limit or not -- the on-ramp to calculus.

High school texts often skimp on (d) chaotic because that's a new branch since the 1800s, and as we all know, anything 1900s is quasi-verbotten in that locked down slave ship of a sad sorry discipline called K-12 math teaching -- nothing much to do with actual math.

In Gnu Math, we skip from the 1800s to around now, which is a big shock to some teachers, but a real boost and eye-opener to those students lucky enough to "get it".

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