Thursday, September 18, 2008

Revising and Extending

When I talk about Sam Lanahan, I usually start with their visit to MalacaƱang, Mrs. Marcos wanting to get them new shoes, Bucky & Sam having just come from the midwest or somewhere, their shoes clearly inappropriate.

I hook my own bio into this telling, as I too was in the Philippines at the time, still in high school, not tracking Bucky much, though I'd heard of him from my earlier Overseas School of Rome teacher, Fred Craden.

I've been telling the story as though it was through E.J. Applewhite's son, a contemporary of Sam's at the same high school, that Sam got his gig with Bucky, but last night at our meeting Sam clarified: it was more through his mom's relationship with that family (the Applewhites) that he owed his initial introductions as a potential side kick.

Ed spent a couple boyhood years in Tahiti by the way per this bio blurb in Chemical Intelligencer.