Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Friendly Wedding

:: kathy, stacy, betsey (photo by eliz) ::
Our tribe gathered in North Plains this afternoon, with family and friends from across the nation, to affirm the marriage of Kathy Hyzy and Stacy Woodbrook according to the good order of Friends, with Multnomah Meeting's clerk Betsey Kenworthy officiating.

Tara and I both signed the certificate, along with myriad others, after a period of expectant worship, during which people offered their love and encouragement to the happy couple. I helped out with the pirate pinata, fun for the kids, and consumed some of Stacy's fine homemade beer. We brought way too much of our lentil dish, given the abundance of good food, had fun making it though.

Of course there was some small talk among Friends during the reception afterward, of the various political dimensions of marriage, affairs of estate and so forth, an always shifting picture. Bonnie Tinker and I compared notes on the doings of other tribes, the Coquille in particular, with Elizabeth Braithwaite attending.

Probably many felt as I did, glad of our simpler ways and plain dealings. I felt complemented when this out of towner and friend of Stacy's told me I looked just like he expected a Quaker should look (even minus my black hat I was thinking, plus I couldn't find my camera, look forward to getting some pictures).