Monday, August 11, 2008

Coffee Shop Hopping

Somewhat atypically, I shelled out $9.99 for 24 hours on Tmobile, not my usual habit because so many Portland coffee shops offer free wifi, more like in Whittier.

I'm at my third Starbucks of the day, this one in Eugene, 13th & Alder, enjoying a slice of lemon pound cake (visited the gym this morning, doing that "fool your own metabolism" diet on the sly).

To my gnu math readers: maybe help with these questions about Python? Good chat room topics in any case.

Nick is holding court, shops like this his native habitat. I brought him the shoes he ordered delivered to my address and some literature he may not have seen: the New Yorker article on Bucky (hard copy version, a present from Matt) and the new Whitney catalog, recently acquired from Powell's Technical, capping this Xmas in July (a good one).

We'll be meeting with Nat pretty soon, probably moving somewhere else.