Friday, May 30, 2008

Buckaneer Workshop

Yes, it's a messy desk in a busy office, still with some bookkeeping, which explains the battery backup (that's a new one on standby, next to Dawn's picture).

I draw your attention to the glimmering plastic gizmo at center, something I partially assembled by hand, but, feeling retarded, got some help with from a pair programmer.

This was a little buckaneer workshop in NW Portland I went to (Trevor was there too).

I'd need more than two hands to enumerate all the little conspiracy groups around Portland, into this or that, not even counting book clubs or political drinking groups like Thirsters.

I'm sure Wanderers counts, including our Tacoma and Arcata chapters. In Washington, DC, you have like the Cosmos Club or whatever.

So like building a cuboctahedron out of 12-around-1 icosahedra, from parts made in China, hardly raises many eyebrows around here -- more of an "all in the family" kind of feel.