Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Other Russia

Given my niche concerns in these blogs, I tend to avoid such bandwagon topics as Hollywood and Britney Spears (of course I don't avoid those completely). I'm much more into esoterica, geek lore, arcane philosophy.

However, I can't resist commenting on Kasparov's bemused expression when his political speech is suddenly interrupted by a small, unmanned drone of some kind. A swat team takes action and everything is back to normal in short order.

Kasparov is a candidate of the Other Russia movement, not unlike our Other Tomorrow campaign in Portland in uniting a rag-tag group of activists against a somewhat unthinking and soulless machine (i.e. Putin's).

Speaking of socialist realism, check out this cool Obama poster I found, very Shepard Fairey in some ways -- duh, because it is:

It's already starting to wear away, which is in the nature of street art.

A passer-by said another photographer had actually stopped traffic with his van to get a good camera angle. I was on Tinkerbell and didn't stop anybody.