Monday, December 24, 2007

Router Traffic

So we made it. I-5 to Hwy 42 near Roseburg to Myrtle Point (sleep) to Hwy 101 at Bandon, Cape Blanco, Gold Beach, Arcata (sleep), Ukiah, Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco at sunset, sticking to 101 through Silicon Valley then Hwy 156 and Rt. 1 to Monterey (sleep), followed by ocean cliffs and ranch lands to Santa Barbara (beach walk and shopping), on into LA through the Santa Monicas as the full moon rose, then I-10, I-605, Whittier (sleep). Trip meter: 1256 (miles), but I was already south of Wilsonville when I remembered to set it.

A frustration associated with such trips is that sense of missed opportunities, roads not taken, vista points not viewed. One can't do it all, is the problem faced by the feaster, there's just too much. The trick is to realize this is a blessing, plus there's always the hope of going through again, or touching down by private jet or whatever.

Looking forward to 2008.