Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elephant (movie review)

This is another one from memory, not having seen it recently or anything. The focus is on a high school like Columbine's, in the wake of that massacre, a difficult subject, requiring of high level skills.

Joe Cronin, one of our Wanderers, plays the chemistry teacher, trying to bliss out on atoms while kids in the back act out in soaps of their own making. Joe is a trained Shakespearean, like Johnny Stallings, and no kidding talented I think.

Anyway, why I'm bringing this up now is in what way it's groundbreaking. You get these very long over-the-shoulder views of what it's like as each character. This came out later in video war games, with the multiple monitors. Just like high school, but also like Bucky Fuller's "partially overlapping scenarios universe" (in case people were wondering).

On a lighter note, back to this real elephant, painting a likeness.