Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adult Education

Today at Business Meeting, I was placed on the slate for a position on the Adult Education Committee, as well as for the AFSC Liaison position, which I've been angling for since late last year.

Although I don't become effective in these new capacities until July, I'm already thinking ahead to some suitable fare. As adults in a high tech medically oriented economy, we should update our ideas about biology with some of the newer materials, such as these computer animations of genetic processes:

Regarding the proposal to increase individual assessments on members, on behalf of the Yearly Meeting, I again articulated my view that someday we'll get back to having those successful Quaker businesses, such that we relieve some of the burden on our struggling families, with little if any slack in their budgets as it is.

After the meeting, Timothy and I discussed what Quaker reality television might look like.