Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Outing

Traffic is light on Sundays in Portland, so it was no trouble driving Tara and Rose to Lloyd Center this afternoon, Dawn volunteering to come, but really needing more rest these days. Some other time.

Got that Sims Nightlife for Tara (finally -- not in stock at Freddies). She and Rose checked it out before Rose's mom showed up, on schedule, to get her home (it's a school night, after all).

I ended up purchasing Camtasia Studio, plus a bundled product, both for making inhouse screencasts and as parts of contract deliverables. I keep thinking I'll get to it soon.

Aimée came by, changed Dawn's bandage (she's a professional hospice nurse on temporary leave, married to erstwhile clerk of Multnomah Meeting, Peter, a librarian). She was in a plane crash once, in 1978, UA 173. Dawn helped organize the 1998 reunion.

Last night I wuz out with the boyz, Matt 'n Michael, with a flextegrity sample and IVM pyramid for conversation and show. We ended up all going to Trilogy, a local video outlet, in part so I could follow through on Michael's recommended viewing sequence. I have one more to go.

Later: helping Tara with Math Learning Center materials (algorithms for making tessallating shapes, with M. C. Escher and the Alhambra mentioned). Earlier: another alumni interview with a candidate for the Class of 2011 (I'm Class of 1980).

McMenamin's Bagdad's 80th birthday.

photo from website