Friday, February 23, 2007

A Boring Banking Story

So I tried to pay off the New Mexico trip out of the biz (licensed with the City of Portland as Dawn Wicca and Associates, and State-registered with a DBA of 4D Solutions), which is backed with an overdraft cushion, but in my rush I went right through it (the cushion), to hit the real bottom, meaning a bounced check meaning a $31 penalty in my online check register (a US Bank account).

Not quite understanding about the penalty, I sought out my banker at the local branch, who has done something positive with his hair (he reminds me of Nicolas Cage). Ron explained about the cushion, plus transferred from the equity loan (a kind of mortgage) so if Working Assets tries to put through again, I'll be covered, plus he refunded the $31.

However, when I phoned Bank of America about the bounce (still reflected in my transactions history), the customer service computer hadn't caught up, plus assured me the Borg's employees would know no more than it did, "it" being the central database or hive mind.

Maybe I'll call back tomorrow, as my "internal banker" is whispering that my credit rating will stay higher if I don't pepper my record with lots of records of bounced checks. If I'm able to cover the New Mexico mission, I oughta do it, and remain in the good graces of the powers that be.

BofA has like three business days to retry the same check, so maybe the central check cashing computer is actually ahead of me on this one, i.e. it has put through again since my most recent US Bank transactions. But that'd seem rather far fetched.