Sunday, December 15, 2019

Wanderers on the Move

Given changes around Yahoo!, our little coffee clutch, which frequents the Linus Pauling House, has revectored a lot of its conversations to other social media.  As a listowner, I've busied myself with downloading the archives, pre shut down.  I've been going back over some of the communications, just to assure myself we still have a record.

I randomly opened a deeply buried example, zipped within zips (the downloaded structure is elaborate), and came across a posting by Brian Sharp.  He was questioning the ISEPP president's controversial stance, which was par for the course in our subculture (cult).  You might think the president of a science organization would hold to mainstream views in academia.  On the contrary, his style has been to take a radically unpopular stance and stir up debate.  That's kept our discussions peppy.

Fast forward to 2019:  here's a link to a similar conversation happening today, but on Facebook instead, and hence with a different audience.  Instead of a smattering of other Wanderers, we reach a random audience determined by Facebook's algorithms.