Saturday, December 21, 2019


Sounding like a Bucky apologist again.


Bucky Fuller 2020 Revival Project

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Kirby Urner Per Critical Path he said "realist not optimist" meaning from his point of view, from 1970s onward, humans had the wherewithal, technologically, to succeed as a species, but there wasn't a "given" we'd work out, ergo "touch and go", "final exam" with expressions of hope. If humans continue squandering their opportunity, it won't be because Bucky was wrong. He wanted to accentuate the positive and show we had the capability, so from 1970s onward he was like "any day now". That's how he needed to be. Seems that way today i.e. nothing is keeping high schools from dropping his "concentric hierarchy" into the middle of an American literature class (the schools wouldn't have to be American, just Bucky's lineage is New England Transcendentalism), mathematical in nature though it is (talking tetravolumes, A,B,T,E,S modules). But they don't, so yeah, the future remains iffy. A prominent futurist with a strong track record left us a conceptual toolbox we don't use for the most part. Not his fault in any way. Bucky is blameless.