Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Updates from OCN

OCN (Oregon Curriculum Network) has invested in Rust, a computer language. I'm showing the work on Github via Youtube.

I've got a service call this morning, turning a dumb home into a smart home with 4G IoT, i.e. the security and heating systems both talk to (update) and take commands from the owner. I have no idea how many sensors may be involved, eventually.  Today is about getting the basics working. 

I was out of my depth with the Blue House furnace right away, despite "homeowner trainings" galore on Youtube these days. I may have learned a trick or two by watching.  The heating system was installed by former owners and is showing signs of age.  I've been an occupant since 1995.  You'll see Blue House in a lot of my videos as the OCN C6XTY sculpture out front is a neighborhood attraction.

Connecting the CCP to Avogadro's Number seems an unobjectionable curriculum dot connector (a scenario) in our CSN hypertoon reveries.  Hypertoons and hypertunes are taken up elsewhere in greater detail (see CSN blog).  You'll be talking about a "mole" of something and depict that as a CCP packing of known radius, say cuboctahedral.  I've blogged some calculations on that score.

Sure, you may come up with a constituent set of XYZ vectors that take integer coefficients, in terms of hitting the centers of CCP balls.  We do the latter in building up the concept of Gnomon, ala The Book of Numbers (Conway & Guy). Triangular numbers are modeled with CCP, as are squares.  It's when we go to the next layer that we might part company, between SCP and a Barlow Packing (CCP a subset of those, as is HCP, anything of that density).

We're all about number sequences (not just Fibonacci type) as something to program around, in various languages. 1, 12, 42, 92... is a sequence revisited in OCN reveries.  Use Python to generate Bernoulli numbers why not?

CSN is about micro-charity transactions originating in fantasy games (as in ordinary gambling, where the player is the beneficiary). Yes, you might donate to a church project which you're currently working on, without scandal.  I'm not saying charitable giving is the polar opposite of self interested. On the contrary, most want their giving profile publicized in various ways.  That's called a track record, and people without one tend to be at a disadvantage (on the other hand, a clean slate is a chance to start over).

Our premise (for some of us, perhaps in conclusion, after numerous studies) is humans with now outlet for freely giving, seen through the Jungian lense of the "hero archetype" are going to suffer, as the economy dries up (drained libido). If you're not giving young and old alike, opportunities to commit winnings to a preferred future, then you have only slaves, who will prefer to sabotage and/or vandalize the current system.  Reserving charitable giving as the privilege of plutocrats, who then shut down competing circuits, is a sure way to get said plutocracy ejected as a viable "planet" (aka "network of frequencies" or "cabal").

OCN is itself the target of charitable giving, by myself first and foremost as I commit hundreds of volunteer hours to its continuing relevance.  Were CSN benefitting from more OCN reveries (hypertoons etc.) we would likely attract more donors.  Having sampled our product, they're campaigning for more.  OCN as a beneficiary of CSN infrastructure is no "conflict of interest" but is rather a paradigm use case and public demo.

Another charity might be ISEPP & Wanderers.  The closing of Yahoo! services (some of them) is setting a fire under our chair.  We've been set in our ways, in terms of telecommunications, for some 19 years. I'm consulting with a professional archivist.  We have over 75K communications.