Monday, August 19, 2019

Remembering CubeSpace

I was reminiscing about Cubespace recently, with a Golang startup guy, at one time located at the top of a US Bank building, but probably not the one you're thinking of, if you're thinking of one.  East side.  On Grand.

The point of Cubespace was cross-fertilization, which in horticulture is an important topic, as in gardening, but when it comes to tending a fragile open source ecology... we don't have much practice thinking in those terms.

I'll sidebar here to mention Sheri Dover popped up at OSCON, fond memories of our OMSI-side party the year before.  She knows horticulture and went to OSU for the purpose of studying it. Cross-fertilization would not be lost on her as an accelerator cornerstone.

The Ruby and Python meetups would be far enough apart to not mutually interfere with presentations, yet might be going on in parallel.  Universities foster synergy the same way, which is why maybe in a parallel universe a University of Portland might have made a Cubespace its priority.

We get the reality we get.

Today I imagine we would have Clojure and Golang groups adding to the mix, with more opportunities for all of us to lurk in on meetings.  I pick up Java going to Java meetups and just taking in whatever they say and do.  I'm not a missionary here to secretly convert anyone.  I'm brushing up on Java.

Perhaps a Language Palace will again materialize out of the mists.  Portland hasn't surrendered its forgotten crown of Open Source capital, bequeathed by Christian Science Monitor some decades ago.