Saturday, July 20, 2019

Virtualizing Nations

Over twenty years ago, I started writing about USA OS, meaning the USA Operating System, and sharing these writings to the web.  

The web was pretty new then, and I was brainstorming how it might be used to make government more comprehensible.  Lets develop an "over the shoulder" aesthetic, wherein we could see the world through the eyes of various office holders.

First though, I go back to revise my remarks regarding a Joe Rogan episode (1316) wherein Joe and Abby Martin are discussing "Man X" in Oliver Stone's JFK.  He cited Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path in particular, in his book JFK.  I talk about that in my followup video.

Given an "over the shoulder" view, through the eyes of government office holders, we end up seeing the whole world through the eyes of the various nations.  The whole world, through the eyes of the USA, is "USA world" (one could say).  The whole world, through the eyes of Israel, is "the Promised Land" (our planet).  Does it make me a Zionist to see the world in this way?

Were we to connect the dots in an alternative curriculum, we would link Alexander Graham Bell to Bucky Fuller through their shared focus on the "octet truss".

But American history is being lost and submerged.  We've forgotten these threads.

Butler grain bins, dymaxion car, dymaxion house, geodesic dome...  positive futurism we've shelved.

I tell the story of helping to build a swimming pool, working with Palestinians, in Ramallah, long ago.

Weren't we more civilized back then?  Our family took a public bus through the Khyber Pass, from Peshawar to Kabul, not that many years later.

Might we roll back and go forward again, following a different fork or branch?  We do this in version control.

Part of that roll back would involve taking the "whole number volumes table" more seriously.

Lets look at the world through the eyes of different nations.  What does the world look like if we're Iran?  If we're Russia?

Does Iran really seek to become a nuclear weapons power?  Why would it seek to do so?  What does the USA really want from Iran?  Have the terms been spelled out?

This chapter wherein siege warfare predominates, bespeaks of a lowering of intelligence and a corresponding rise in cruelty -- a dark age.  Might the nations of the world signal to one another that they're ready for a more positive futurism?