Monday, July 15, 2019

OSCON 2019 Begins

Outwardly, things are going OK.

From my Missed Opportunities (previous post), you might be able to tell I'm in a somewhat alienated state.  As a pioneer of Martian Math, I suppose that's not entirely surprising.

Walter Kaufmann has been on my mind, as I've mentioned in a few Youtubes.  He was a native of Germany who interrupted a career in philosophy and religious studies to join the American intelligence services to fight the Nazis.

He resumed his studies at Harvard and ended up teaching at Princeton, where he was one of my professors.

Kaufmann's views were somewhat dark, and I don't blame him, as these many decades later I feel (it's a feeling) that we live in dark times.

I'm also remembering Nick Consoletti, my drifter friend who managed to get to England (to attend Schumacher College), France (to find his biological mother) and Budapest (to work with the Club of Budapest).

Nick was part of my network of friends who thought highly of Buckminster Fuller.  Had I not pushed ahead with my philosophical studies, after leaving Princeton, focusing on Fuller in particular, I would not have made many of these friendships.  I'm thankful for how these connections have made a big difference to my scenario.

My choice to focus on philosophy put me on the margins of computer programming and I managed to wring a career out of working for nonprofits.  I worked with my wife to be as an independent contractor.  We were a business partnership even before we got married.

The open source movement embodied a lot of ideals, regarding the sharing of intellectual property.  I was able to continue working in programming using mostly open source tools, especially Python.

I'm doing two tutorials today, one in Rust, one in Ethereum.

I'm expert in neither, curious about both.

I decided to bring the Asus tablet (Windows 10).  I started doing the preparations for the Rust tutorial around 6:30 AM and hit a roadblock around installing ZeroMQ (0mq) in a way that would let the Rust stuff compile.  That's OK, as I'm mainly a lurker.  I've been in Nathan's tutorial before.  Three hours is never enough time.

I left the C6XTY as a conversation piece in the speaker's lounge, and collected my special hoodie.