Saturday, July 06, 2019

A Telephone Conversation

I'm capitalizing on the current news cycle, which is focused on Alexander Graham Bell's nationality, subsequent to the now infamous "broken teleprompter" Salute to America speech.  Even more press attention went to the 1775 seizing of airports or whatever that was.

I'm getting the information second hand, through press reports.  I did not watch the "junkyard parade".

I know some might be offended by my not appreciating military porn, but I've been trained since birth by my parents and community in these Quaker values, which tend to scorn outward wars as a feature of prehumanity.  We're eager to become more fully human, more civilized.

However that doesn't mean denying history.  I'm certainly OK with memorializing and honoring the war dead.  I've spent a lot of time studying wars past and present.  I know a lot of war vets.

I keep harping on the Fuller syllabus because I think the "whole number volumes" meme is uniquely powerful in its ability to interrupt conversations that would normally proceed obliviously to any awareness of positive futurism.

Mathematics is usually taught without much regard for history.