Thursday, December 01, 2016

Wonky Wall Street

The Wall Street Journal got a hold of this ancient Dymaxion Car prototype, and panned it.  So much for all that dymaxion crap right?  Don't forget the map.

Norman Foster, on the other hand, is less a cheapskate and built a brand new one from scratch, according to the original conception.  Believe it or not, it handles much better.

We talked about Dymaxion Cars at Wanderers on Tuesday.  I noticed some at the table had no clue what they were talking about -- not unusual in that setting.

Wall Street / LAWCAP has long disparaged Bucky by various memes, as chronicled in these blogs.  These infantile rants tend to postpone a day of reckoning another day our two.

Shareholders carry the burden of their own misguided ignorance.