Saturday, December 03, 2016

Radical Islam

Many Islamaphobic types (not what they call themselves necessarily) insist we use the word "radical" to describe the unabomber type terrorism-minded, not understanding our wish to keep the positive spin on "radical" we've always had ("wow, that's rad").

Radical Islam, or  √Islam for short, is more connected with Al Jabr (algebra - الجبر) and mosque design, wherein various roots of things express themselves in geometrical patterns.  √Christianity is also a positive.

Fundamentalist Islam is the type that clings to the false (phony) promises of various Imams regarding their own legitimacy and authority.  Christianity has its fundies too.  They tend to take a violent, extremist line, often involving some kind of End Times.

"Radical" is used by "the middle" (as in Middle Way) not just by extreme polarizers.  Accepting a positive spin on "radical" may seem politically incorrect to some ears.  Get used to it?  Do some homework, even a few math problems maybe?

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