Friday, December 09, 2016

Sampling Python Tutorials

We're not exactly snowed in here, but it's nevertheless a slow day, with lots of melting ice.  Lots of Portlanders are on Facebook today.

I'm on that, and Youtube as well, plus I'm watching a DVD movie, Varian's War, in the living room in segments.  I'm letting that room run cold, and cocooning in other places.

Given my work as a Python teacher, I like to see what other teachers do when covering the same topics I do.  The collections.namedtuple type for example, I use that a lot, for Elements (as in atoms), within vectors (XYZ and quadray).

I also create Dog and Cat subclasses of Mammal, and use Unicode chess and playing card codepoints. I'm only just now getting around to Emoji. The overloading operators video gave me some clues.

Provided you're not struggling to read small type, neither of these are as uphill as say a David Beazely video.  We want a varied diet, sometimes peanuts, sometimes camel curry (just kidding, never tried it).

Printing Emoji on Mac OSX