Saturday, July 09, 2016


:: good background on "RESTful API" concepts ::

Thanks to my being a proposal reader for OSCON 2016 (and in some prior years as well), I was able to gain access to the recordings, as a way of getting feedback on our program committee's work.

Did we pick useful presentations for our conference goers?

Just as important:  what is the state of the art in the world of computer programming?

In working through those videos, I came across Kirstin Hunter's talk on being a polyglot, (here's one like it on Youtube) in the course of which she introduces a modeling language called RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language)

Wow, I hadn't seen that before. I learned a lot from her talk, and tweeted my appreciation.
I've been diving into RAML ever since (i.e. since this morning), and now realize that a RAML specification of an API could be a next project for the NPYM IT Committee, of which I am clerk.

As shown below, I'd started on such a thing last year, but without knowing as much about API design as I do now:

Restful API


The Youtube below, by one of the inventors of RAML, does a good job of advertising the power of thinking this way.

One of my goals for Quakerism is that it get up to speed on IT such that our volunteer roles become more rewarding in terms of the professional development opportunities they offer.