Sunday, July 03, 2016

Deep Believing

Improvements in speech and image recognition have caught the attention of BR (business religion), which is a little different than BI (business intelligence).

Those tracking the Deep Belief Net (DBN) algorithm, or really any neural net solution, know it's all about weights and biases.

BR is all about applying DBNs in an unsupervised learning environment and forming conclusions about the patterns it finds, locking those in, and defending them, creating a "hard shell" around a "nut" or "nugget".

Depending on the use case, said "nut case" (pun intended) will have a corresponding "half life" or decay curve, preceded by potentially sharp spikes or other growth patterns.  Strong BR has the potential to form the nucleus of a "pattern integrity", to use the jargon.

The millions of customers using camping or other outdoor gear on a year round basis, abetted by sports campers, are stretching the borders of Cell World i.e. those parts of the biosphere served by cellular telecommunications technology.

GPS, news, weather and basic daily income (BDI) are examples of what some businesses circle as mission critical, either as customers or providers or both.  The cell phone network is forming the B2B web that we hope has a safety net aspect where living standards are falling.  What does BR say?

Note that Business Metaphysics (#BM as in IBM) and Business Philosophy (#BP) both serve as tags in this space, but really BI and MVC have more widespread circulation as concepts, the latter (model view controller) serving as a mirror for what many businesses see themselves to be.

Star Trek's Enterprise is MVC with VC concentrated on the bridge to interact with Spock's and Kirk's bionets (brains included, however a the whole body is trained, including glandular / hormonal systems; Spock's is built this way too even if he has more control of emotions).

We give BR a captain's role, whereas BI is the ship's computer, more like Siri.  BI will take feedback from a Model up to the visualization phase, however only the captain and other bridge personnel have the weightings and biases to recognize what levels of risk might be acceptable or not, going forward.

BR is concentrated in the CRO (chief risk officer) in other words, the Klingon in our analogy.  Klingons are on the lookout for shaky markets likely to flat-line, bubbles on the brink of bursting.  Whereas some on the bridge might be looking to pump in some energy savings, their "get rich quick" short cut might best be tested on the holodeck first.

Speaking of the holodeck (simulation environment), although mostly used for entertainment on Star Trek, that's the training ground you'll want and need, when investing in role playing around new business models.

If you're a bank working with crypto-currencies, you'll want proto-customers to role play with actual devices.  Pitch a tent right there in your 47th floor office if need be (don't start any fires) or find a prototyping camp that specializes in Deep Learning.