Friday, July 22, 2016

Hypertoons Etc.

Teaching @ a Code School

Probably an ideal job for me would be as tour guide through various storyboards from which hypertoons and other movies could be made.

Hypertoons consist of a wandering playhead making choices at each keyframe, about which scenario to follow, node-to-node.  Keyframes are hubs, some are grand central stations.  Many "time tunnels" (tubes) start and end at each one.

I was mentioning to students tonight on my real time Python channel, that if we had truly driverless cars, then we could send them on errands sans any human passengers.

"Go get me breakfast" might send the car through a drive-through, where a robot would hand my menu selections through the window, as a bag for the driver's seat.

My topic was APIs or control surfaces.  What controls are read-only and when might a user's choices be overruled?

Trying to change lanes with a car in your blindspot?  The steering wheel locks up.