Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some Family History

Slide Show
:: Tom, Maureen, Chuck ::

Today I had an opportunity to join a small group at the Boltons, for a focus group on Great Britain.  Tom and Celine had been touring there in June, from London to Edinburgh, back to London by train, then West Sussex, Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, by rental car.

We hooked Tom's laptop to the Vizio 40" by VGA (=RGB) cable and went through the slides, Tom narrating, with comments from Celine.

Tom Gihring has been in my blogs before, as a fan of Henry George the economist.  While in London, they met up with another Georgist who gave them good advice on where to tour, including Canary Wharf and surroundings.

The slides covered a lot of the hot spots:  Kew Park, Victoria and Albert Museum, Globe Theater (reconstructed), Greenwich, the British Museum, Westminster Cathedral, Trafalgar Square... and that's just for starters.  They had a month to kick around.

Charles Bolton, professor emeritus of sociology at PSU, is in his 90s, but still lives in his family home, taken care of by extended family.  The Boltons had three girls, all married and all with children, some of whom have had children who've had children.

When I returned to Portland after kicking around on the East Coast for some years, post Princeton, I moved into the Bolton's basement and started looking for work.  I was in my late twenties.

At first I got by with some temp agency work, however David Lansky discovered at an EMO event that I was looking for something more lasting, and he knew Carol Slaughter was in need of assistance with a government contract to teach computer skills to older workers, 55 and older -- a category I myself fit in today.

David was with Center for Urban Education (CUE), which also helped manage government contracts aimed at refugee resettlement post Vietnam War.  That funding came to an end soon after I joined the organization, and that proved fatal to CUE in the end.

My wife to be, who had joined as a bookkeeper, went on to take on multiple nonprofit bookkeeping clients, and I became a free lance programmer, also mostly for nonprofits.  Dawn Wicca and Associates was launched, in 1990.

Dawn and I moved in together when forming our partnership, on Rhine Street in Portland's Brooklyn neighborhood.  We married in 1993 and our daughter Tara was born in 1994, by which time we had moved to the Hawthorne District.  Dawn's daughter Alexia by a previous marriage was likewise a part of our household.

Harold and Maureen Long, and their two boys, Patrick and Erin, now fully grown men, got to know me through the Boltons, as did Tom and Celine and their two boys, Patrick and Daniel, also grown.  We've been getting together now and then ever since.  Mary Bolton died in 2012.  Celine was born in Hong Kong and first moved to the US in her twenties to pursue her studies in St. Louis, MO.

My mom Carol and Mary Bolton were both active in WILPF (Womens International League for Peace and Freedom) which Maureen has also since joined.  Maureen's ex, Harold Long, studied with Frank Lloyd Wright and was an architect.  We're still in touch as well.  Harold got to meet my friend Ed Applewhite, likewise very interested in architecture, when he visited Portland with his wife June in 1998.

Speaking of WILPF, mom and I are now off to a WILPF dinner at Hoda's (Lebanese cuisine) on Belmont.  Saturday is another WILPF celebration.  We're thinking of Mary quite a bit.