Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Lots happening.  The city is proposing to move R2DToo (Right to Survive Too) closer to OMSI.

The South Campus refugee camp, closer to MercyCorps, and Dignity Village near the airport, could be involved in prototyping dymaxion lifestyles (my storyboard).


An individual may not live this way through many chapters, but in any chapter, many may be living this way.  Ibrahim was understandably skeptical on KOIN.

I've been location scouting the area for years.

Regarding telecommunications, Blue House Studios, a source of Synergetics videos, has no need of the 1000 Mbps speed bandwidth, tested for a month.  I've scaled back to 40 Mbps down, 12 up, plus Prism TV on the side.

If we need rack space with fatter pipes, that will not have to be to / from the local campus, at least not in the near term.

CenturyLink sent an engineer over this morning, changing the POP connection to DHCP (technical) and adding a TV box.  My Samsung is on order -- or was.  The model I'm seeking is hard to find.

At the same time R2DToo is coming under pressure to move, the property owners around Hinson Baptist Church are once again agitating to shutter the rain shelter, inhibiting social services.

Food Not Bombs is not the problem.  We're well behaved and beloved by churches, temples etc.  We're the darling of charitable causes.

But FNB only uses said pavilion one or twice a week for a few hours. What else goes on?  The neighbors have their stories.  They're worried about property resale values.

So I suggested via the FNB listserv that we think about thinking short term and long.  The church itself might be open to our petition to help refugees on cold dark days.  They have a beautiful facility that stands idle much of the time.  Or Parks and Recreation could give us a key to the rain shelter.

As for the OMSI serving, with R2DToo's houseless as "astronauts of the future" (testing products and workflows for dymaxion living), that's an idea that'd need more buy in to fly.   

Dignity Village (EPCOT West), closer to the airport, should be part of the planning process.

Glenn wrote a good letter to Southeast Examiner, published this May 14, asking if earthquake preparedness might include maintaining one of the world's best gravity-powered city water systems, already paid for an operational.

If we loose power in an earthquake, like at Fukushima, having the Mt. Tabor reservoirs at the ready makes plenty of sense.