Saturday, July 18, 2009

Talent Night

:: music in silicon forest, summer 2009 ::

So I saw about Walter Cronkite. I immediately thought of Uma Thurman's dad, Robert, podcasting from Bhutan (Tantric), saying on his meditation altar he liked pictures of his teachers, and Walter was one of them ("for a lot of us" I'm thinking). He said this quite awhile ago, dunno if Walter ever caught it.

So in terms of talent night, Cronkite tops the list.

Here in Silicon Forest, I was back at Duke's Landing, savoring the artistry, petting the dogs, meeting some new goddesses, maybe a god or two. The big guy from Cuntagious, sideburns, kinda Happy Days or New Jersey, wrapped himself in a flag and sang about loving his all-American Datsun truck, trying to run down hippies, and yakking about Iraq ("hope they die, so I can drive"). This following some meta-banter between Lindsey and this poetess about the socio-cultural roots of "the stage" and why don't ya'll just come up here and play music while I sleep?

I asked the Cuntagious guy if "serious girl" (lead singer) was gonna show up later and he said "no, tonight you get The Dick".

Later, outside, the backup two for big guy, a couple, started wailing on guitar and washtub base. The guitarist had been playing washboard before. We got a big kick outta those two.

And no, I'm never forgetting Amanda Lynn Nobbe either, claiming to be new on guitar, missing a string, but you wouldn't know it. She and some of the others were part of this wandering car load, from across the continent (she's from Cleveland).

I love America's soulful children, I really do. Takes me back to Young Friends.

Speaking of which, Tara texted that their community night skit (NPYM) "rocked", reminded me to check up on Barry (her python). Qs have been enjoying the Big Sky state. Lots of talent among Qs, and Walter fans. Hi to Hyzy and Wild Leslie.