Monday, July 23, 2007

Community Night

Lots of talent out there tonight. Is it American Idol or what, that the performances have gone up a notch?

Cathy, Luci, Katie -- stunning. Joe, great cajun version of Ladle Rat Rotten Hut.

I've enjoyed getting reacquainted with a few Friends at this session. You think you already know someone then, wave of magic wand, they're someone else entirely, yet still the same.

Compared notes on some deep books over tray meals, like Narnia, plus shared some Blue October, DyxyChyx with Jane

My other Connecting the Dots went to Miriam.

First Day morn I was especially pleased to reconnect with Ron Marson, president of topscience. We chatted some more about Project Earthala, my projected Quaker community with AimeƩ Conner its first queen (we're still democratic though).

"dwelling machine rendering"
(by Andrew Owens)

Ron's curriculum writing is used in places as far away as Zimbabwe (a link to "the other Ron" Braithwaite). If I run in to any Kusasa people at the ongoing Ubuntu conference, I'll be sure to mention Ron's "uses simple everyday stuff" approach (which includes lots of computers by this time, at least in the South African context).

Tara skips town today, which is a good thing given how I'm mired in conferences (OSCON too) and she has HP#3 in voice format on her iPod -- a summer project to make it through HP#7 in sequence (HP = Harry Potter, the subject of her Central Friends' community night skit).