Thursday, July 16, 2009

TinkerBell Swiped!

A Lesson

Silly me for not being more religious about locking TinkerBell in the garage. Someone ripped her off, dino bell and everything.

Coincidentally, I discovered the loss just when I was getting ready to ride with Larry (360compass), shades of my Lloyd Center misadventure, from whence Robin (our Subaru wagon) was stolen whilst he and I took in Troy years ago. No, I'm not blaming Larry.

I took Dawn's bike instead, just as sturdy, if smaller, and we accomplished our goal (> 14 miles).

Larry is low on time for joy riding, as I can well understand, so instead of flying himself to Montana will let Horizon do the piloting. He's a pretty experienced flier, told me a lot about what the new cockpits are like, instrumentation all on LCDs 'n stuff. "Google needs more airplanes" I said (the kind of stuff I say).

Losing Tink blows my plans for like a Bodies display in our World Game Museum, me riding her in some kind of posthumous tableau. If I keep losing weight, maybe we could mount me on something sleeker? I hear there's a long line for such treatment. Maybe just go with ashes then, though feeding Pacific Northwest condors was another fantasy, shared with Brian (a Wanderer, like Shomar).

Mom is all paranoid now, won't leave her walker on the porch. Property values go down with reported thefts so I should probably just shut up about it, but on the other hand neighbors should be on the alert.