Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

We returned Rose to her neighborhood, then I made a wrong turn, getting us back on I-5 south instead of over the bridge to Boones Ferry. I rescued the situation by getting off at Corbett and ascending Palatine Hill from Macadam.

Our destination: the annual family gathering of Boltons, whomever is within range. The eldest daughter is with a prototypical XRL (extremely remote location) in the hinterlands, near Detroit Lake. Jeanni & Joe and their daughters, Sue and her kids, Sammie, close friends (we fall in that category). Chuck and Mary knew dad from University of Chicago days, hadn't connected the dots with Carol until Portland, whence they moved once the city planning degree was granted, me about one at the time of the move.

Joe wondered how I'd been affected by the downturned economy, leading to our comparing notes around Iceland and Ireland, the media directed against them, also Portland getting "saddest town" moniker from somewhere (our Mercury fought back, with some vicious attack on Detroit -- all in good fun). Anyway, yeah, it's been rough. Python programmers aren't exempt from credit crunches or whatever those were, with Pycon rather literally decimated in terms of attendance being down by 10% (and yet the quality was excellent).

Although a gray day tending towards drizzle, then a downpour, our enjoyment of the occasion was undamped.

Our fond greetings to friends of Ray and Pahtrisha in Couger, WA. We hold you in the light in remembrance of Ray.

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